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Eidolon Insurrection - Matthias Velez

Friday, September 1st, 2023
Blissfields 4.0

We spent way a lot of time deciding how this website could be better and reinvented. A better place for others to enjoy our work and, really, for us to showcase a vision. This is exactly why there has been many months between each update.

Within the next few weeks, we will be debuting our two eps that we have worked very hard on. Stay tuned for updates. Bookmark this site for easy access.

Eidolon Insurrection, by Matthias Velez, releases September 23rd.

Transcendental Dreamscape, by Atticus Vara:

Brief Description by Atticus Vara, "i really wanted to write an entire project that had the entire soundscape and feel of the constant dreams and nightmares i've been experiencing. i feel as if this project differs from others, due to the fact that bass guitar is the lead instrument. this project took a lot of time, mainly because i was looking through hundreds of synths to find the correct dark tones that i really needed, just to showcase the flipside from an average dream to the surreal and twisted nightmares that have been occuring. this project has to do with awareness and overall, being present in life. i had trouble seperating dreams from reality and this project was my outlet, as well as helping me escape that constant cycle. you can listen to my new ep, "Transcendental Dreamscape", on October 6th. thank you.


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